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Slicker Brush Slicker Brush

Regular grooming is extremely important for your canine friend. Not only does it keep your dog's coat clean and manageable, they also get a quick health check and lots of attention.


Popular non-shedding dogs such as Poodle mixes, Bichon’s and Tibetan Terriers require much more thorough grooming than other dogs.


  • Dogs need to be brushed down to the skin at least once a week to avoid a build up of matts and more often if they get very dirty on long walks.
  • All non-shedding breeds should be visiting a professional groomer every 6-8 weeks in order to keep their coat in a good condition. They MUST also be brushed at home in between grooming appointments. You wouldn't go without brushing your own hair in between going to the hairdressers would you?
  • Introduce your puppy to grooming at a very young age so they become used to the grooming process and environment as soon as possible. This will make it much easier and less costly for you in the long term. Most groomers offer a substantial discount for puppies to encourage you to bring them in as often as you can.
  • Brush your dog with a slicker brush (top right) as these are more effective at getting right into the undercoat, you can buy these in most pet shops.
  • When washing your dog’s feet and legs after a walk it is important to not rub them vigorously with a towel as this creates matts. Squeeze the water out of their legs with a towel and then brush them preferably using a hair dryer too.
  • Don’t let your dog dry naturally after a bath as this can create matting.
  • If you discover matts under their armpits or behind their ears don’t just leave them as they can become painful for your pet as they pull on their skin. Either carefully trim them out yourself or take them to a professional groomer as soon as possible.


A test is if you can get a comb through your dogs coat it is in good condition, if not you are not grooming regularly enough!


Without regular grooming your dog can end up with such a heavily matted coat that not only will it cause them a lot of pain and discomfort but it can create ongoing skin problems that would require costly trips to the vet. 

If your dog is brought to the groomers with a heavily matted coat the only option (and in accordance with the Animal Welfare Act) is to have them clipped off all over. Not only does this not look very nice but it can be very cold for your dog in the winter months.

Here is an example of a Labradoodle that has not been groomed for 9 months. (you can click photos to enlarge)

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