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Hand Stripping

For some breeds hand-stripping is required to keep their coat in optimum condition. Benefits of hand stripping are it keeps the coat looking shiny, vibrant in colour and has a natural protection from dirt and moisture.



The coat should be stripped every 4 to 12 weeks, depending on your dogs coat and the result you are looking for. If left for much longer periods the hair may become too stubborn to be pulled out particularly if your dog has been neutered/spayed. This can be very uncomfortable for your dog and therefore your only option would then be to revert to clipping.


Please be aware that if your dog has been clipped already it cannot go back to being hand stripped as the structure of the hair would already have been damaged.


Having attended many seminars & workshops for hand stripping run by some of the UK's leading Dog Groomers, Nicki has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in hand stripping and consequently has become very popular for this service in the area.


Hand stripping is charged at £30 per hour.

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